The Power of Suggestion!

suggestionbox-web180Yes, it’s back! We once again have an old-fashioned suggestion box to encourage you to make your wants and needs known. Its primary importance is to let us know what books you want that do NOT YET exist in our catalog. Right now, you can find it right it under our nifty new sign to the “REFERENCE” section.

Of course, we hope you know that you can request items online, 24/7, using our ALISweb catalog for any item you see therewhether the West Hempstead Public Library currently owns it or not. We use your requests to gauge interest and demand for titles. If few people from our library request a particular item, it makes economical sense for us to share it from another Nassau library that owns it. However, we buy more copies based on the number of reserves placed, so don’t hesitate to make your requests known, by getting onto the queue.

When searching the ALISweb catalog, if you see that NO Nassau library owns the item, but you see from a LI-LINK search that it is available either in the Suffolk Library System or among the Syosset holdings, you may enter a LI-LINK request.

Please be aware that LI-LINK will NOT fulfill your request if the item already exists within the ALISweb system, but is currently unavailable. That’s when you need to enter your request through our online catalog, or have the librarian do it for you (516-481-6591). WHPL staff will evaluate all suggestions and purchase accordingly.

YOU have the power of suggestion, West Hempstead patrons! Use it to help us serve you better.

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